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Why You Should Consider Renting An Air Skate System

Designed by Airfloat®, air skates or air skid systems allow for the safe, nearly frictionless movement of large loads or machinery. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities and are lightweight and durable. These systems are designed to compete with systems and solutions that are far less flexible, including heavy duty casters and rollers.

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Air skates utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm material with superior wear resistance over neoprene or urethane-coated fabrics used by other manufacturers. When pressurized, the diaphragm will stretch uniformly and closely follow the contours of the floor, maintaining a consistent air film. This is evident with lower drag forces and less air consumption. Additionally, air skates utilize an extremely-strong mechanically-rolled edge seal for diaphragm attachment. Other manufacturers depend upon staples or adhesive bonding methods.

Air skates bearing diaphragms are mounted onto slide-out steel trays. This allows the diaphragms to be removed for inspection or replacement without lifting, inverting, or removing the load from the air skate.



  • Move 10,000 lbs. with only 10 lbs. of force
  • Designed to handle a wide range of weights and complex moves
  • Easy operation with no maintenance and high reliability
  • Omnidirectional – Move with ease in any direction and operate in confined spaces
  • Highest ROI for heavy load movement
  • Can be spaced in various configurations and bolted or placed under existing equipment or machinery for easy movement

Each air skate system includes four or six air skates plus a control package with on/off valve and individual flow control valves. Also includes four or six air hose assemblies with quick disconnects.


Untitled.pngRental for air skates have been utilized typically for industrial and heavy commercial projects especially when it comes to mechanical contractors and riggers who require specialty moving equipment to help transfer heavy package components (chillers, prepackage boilers, etc.) across short or long distances. Based on the omnidirectional ability of air skates, it does save on time and labor even when you need to make adjustments such as turning corners. Traditional methods of mechanical skates would normally force you to stop and jack upwards before proceeding around a corner or a tight area. Lately, air skates are being used in the heavy-haul industry where large vessels are being unloaded. They are also ideal for floor loading because they spread out the floor loading over a larger surface area than the traditional point-loading that equipment such as gantries or larger fork trucks would offer.

For an extensive case study on air skates, visit air skate case study.

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