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Why Rent Air Skates?

You’d be surprised how much your project can benefit from the usage of Air Skates or air bearings as opposed to traditional methods or means of moving heavy equipment. Below are a few key benefits as to why you should be using Air Skates for your next slide. 

Cost Efficiency

First off, this piece of equipment can save you money. That’s already a big deal all by itself. It saves you money because Air Skates can move your equipment faster, resulting in less time needed to accomplish the same task. It also requires less labor staff, as well. Something to think about.



Air Skates are very safe tools to use for all its recommended applications. It offers better control by use of air shut-off valves, which eliminates rollaways and will limit other potential accidents. It’s a good thing.

Capacity Flexibility

You’re not confined to one model or capacity because the Air Skates come in a variety of systems and tonnages. The flexibility of models offer different effective lift areas, too. More options, more win.

Less Impactful Floor Bearing Pressure

That’s a mouthful. Because the effective area of an air bearing is larger than a traditional piece of equipment used for the same task, the actual PSI is often much lower. Which is good for the floor and will put a smile on your engineers face, too.

The “Wow” Factor

End user customers are always impressed with this piece of equipment. Plus, they tend to value contractors who take advantage of the latest in technology and alternate means and methods of approaching the same task. Basically, it’s pretty cool to watch a heavy piece of machinery be moved by equipment, not bigger than two inches tall, but on a very thin layer of air. Wow, indeed.

Want to Know More?

If you’re smitten by this piece of equipment (we are), then click the button below for more information, available models, checklists, and more. 

Rent Air Skates

Matt Kral

Matt Kral

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