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Why Rent a Gantry?

 Certain situations might cause you to question as to whether you need a rent gantry or not. Well, below are a few of the top reasons to use a gantry just in case you’re not quite sure if your project calls for one.


Typically, when you rent a gantry, it’s for a one-time use or for specialty projects because rentable gantries are easily disassembled and reassembled, allowing for easy transport and less downtime for your workers. If there are multiple projects, it can be easily moved to a new location.

Flexibility of Height and Length Beams

Gantries have flexibility when it comes to height, and you can adjust the length of the beams, too, allowing for easy customization of the gantry to accommodate all types of space limitations.

Virtually Unlimited in the Capacity Offerings

When renting a gantry, some companies will either have specific capacities that you can choose from or more specialized providers that can custom make the gantry and can rate it to the capacities based on your lifting requirements.

Inspecting and Certification

Most companies don’t have people on staff that can safely inspect or test gantries per the guidelines of ANSI, ASME, or OSHA. From a safety perspective, it’s advisable to rent from a company that does employ staff trained with those guidelines. 

Not Confined to One Model

Gantries are a very versatile piece of equipment. When you rent gantries, you can view an array of different models and decide which of them best serves your need. You don’t want to rush into a gantry rental or purchase without having reviewed an adequate amount of options.


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Matt Kral

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