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Which sling should you bring?

Which Sling Should You Bring?


The most commonly used slings for typical lifting projects are your standard wire rope slings and polyester slings. Each sling has its own pros and cons, but it’s not always clear which is best to use in certain situations. That’s why we put together this a quick infographic to help illustrate each advantage and disadvantage both possess and it’s ideal corresponding application. Garner the quick knowledge you need to make the right decision, better support your project, and ensure its success.




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Matt Kral

Matt Kral

A graduate of Lewis University’s award-winning journalism team in 2010 as both section editor and copy editor, current active member of the Lifting Gear Hire sales force. Matt Kral brings his experience in the heavy equipment rental industry and insight into what information is desired in the field to this blog to provide relevant content to the customers of the largest lifting equipment rental company in the United States.

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