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How a Scaffold Installer Found $250,000 Hidden On A Construction Site.

What makes the Beta Max Maxial Hoist so Productive and Profitable? Where do we start. It can deliver material faster – nearly up to 450 lbs at 80 ft per minute. It also builds as you go with no special tools needed. Plus, one scaffold installer found $250,000 hidden on a jobsite but don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below.


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Ken Barrett

Ken Barrett

Ken Barrett is responsible for creating, supporting and maintaining distribution for Beta Max products in the US, Canada and South America. Builds and executes a strategy for sales and business development initiatives. Cultivates contacts within the industrial and construction industry and identifies opportunities for potential new distribution through research, promotional materials, and relationship building. Maintains close relationship with all distributors, manages sales representatives for those distributors by teaching product knowledge, conducting sales training and educating of how to recognize opportunities related to our products to ultimately grow sales and profitability for Beta Max and my clients.

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