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Get the Lowdown on Digital Load Links

Our product of the week, digital load links or DYNAFORS® are precision force sensors used to measure forces and indicate loads. The shape of them enables the use of standard shackles on both ends and digital load links of this range function in all positions for the measurement of force and suspended for weighing purpose.

Operating Principle

Strain gauge measurement of the extension, within its limits of elasticity, of a metal body subjected to traction stress. The sensor generates an electrical signal that is proportional to the load. This signal is processed by a micro-processor analyzer and then displayed on a built-in LCD display.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacities from 0,5 t up to 20 t
  • Precision: 0,2 % of full scale
  • Safety coefficient: minimum 4
  • Power supply: 3 batteries 1,5 V “AA” or 3 rechargeable batteries 1,2 V “AA”
  • Packaging: Plastic carrying case
  • Protection: IP 65 (NEMA 4)


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Matt Kral

Matt Kral

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