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Get Synced Up with LGH’s Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System

Let Lifting Gear Hire’s Pat Clark be your guide as you take a gander inside the machinations of the Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System. In this latest demonstrational video from LGH, current and potential users of the sync-lift system can view its proper installation and gain some troubleshooting tips to resolve common issues that can arise with the sync-lift system, as well.

Give yourself ease of mind and maintain safe and effective use of the system by watching this video from your friends at Lifting Gear Hire.


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Matt Kral

Matt Kral

A graduate of Lewis University’s award-winning journalism team in 2010 as both section editor and copy editor, current active member of the Lifting Gear Hire sales force. Matt Kral brings his experience in the heavy equipment rental industry and insight into what information is desired in the field to this blog to provide relevant content to the customers of the largest lifting equipment rental company in the United States.

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