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Patrick Clark

With over a decade of industry knowledge and experience, Patrick Clark held the position of lifting equipment field representative for (LGH) the majority of his tenure. Since that this time, his role has changed. He has been involved in the creations and presentation of several safety and educational presentations, of which include the 2013 CRC/ICHC. He is charged with the sales and equipment knowledge training for LGH personnel while he manages a team that provides expertise in rental rigging, hoisting, jacking, winching and material handling equipment. In addition, he has participated in numerous educational and troubleshooting videos regarding some of LGH’s most notable equipment lines.
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Top 5 Misuses of Gantries

Posted by: Patrick Clark Comments: 0

Gantry cranes are portable, lightweight, and affordable lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame design. Gantries have many great features such as height adjustment, span adjustment and the heavy-duty casters. As with any good thing there comes the possibility of misuse. Below are five of the most common misuses to avoid.

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4 Legs vs. 3 Legs

Posted by: Patrick Clark Comments: 0

Let’s think about what is more stable- a 4 leg bar stool or 3 leg? You can ask the same of a 4 leg or 3 leg bridle sling.

How about the use of 4 machine skates versus a load equalizing dollies? Stools, slings or load equalizing dollies, the reality is that when a load is applied, the weight is usually distributed unevenly. 

The majority of times, the 3 leg will dominate stability. There are a couple exceptions to this, but if this theory is dismissed or forgotten, mishaps can happen.

For example, if a load is being off-loaded be means of a crane, likely the off-set center of gravity has not been precisely calculated or located.

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Maintenance 101: Use Oilers and Dirt Stoppers

Posted by: Patrick Clark Comments: 0

So when was the last time you took the oil plug out of the bottom of your car and drove it around, expecting for the performance to increase?

Being part of the rental industry for as long as I have, I get it- nobody will take care of equipment that they do not own nor worked hard to save their shekels to purchase, when compared to a rental unit.

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