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Wire Rope Clips: No Reason to Saddle a Dead Horse

A Thing, a Thing, a Marvelous Sling

When You Need to Think Inside the Box

Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Beta Hoist

The Versatility of Gantry Cranes Improve Maintenance and Repair Operations

Four Pieces of Equipment You Didn’t Know Could Be Used for Bridge Work

Common Misuses of Come-a-longs

Renting Saves Money

Top 5 Misuses of Gantries

Lifting Gear Can Help Save You Money On Your Next Jacking Project

What You Need to Know About Spec 8C?

How To Inspect Wire Rope Slings

Confused By Eyebolt Standards? Let’s clear it up.

Sliced Bread is the Coolest Thing Since the Tirfor®

Guidelines For Tag lines

The 12 Sling Commandments

What is Pythagoras’ Theorem?

Why Purchasing Equipment From An Auction Isn’t The Safest Bet

Fun Facts About Shackles (No, Really)

Basic Hoist Operating Practices

How To Use An Air Filter/Dryer System

So… Which Snatch Block Do I Need?

A Few Considerations When Selecting Your Next Air Winch

A Guide To Standard Web Sling Types

Getting to Know Your Basic Platform Trucks

Why You Should Consider Renting An Air Skate System

End of Year Review from President Tony Fiscelli

LGH in 2017

Effects of Angle of Lift on Sling Rated Capacity

6 Things About Electric Hoists Your Boss Wants to Know

4 Quick Tips About the Compression Load Cell

How to Use a Turnbuckle

So Wait… What is D/d Ratio?

Single-Acting vs. Double-Acting Cylinders

Top 5 Misuses of the Minifor

Get to Know Modulift® Modular Spreader Beams

Top 4 Misuses of Beam Trolleys

Get to Know the Electric Power Bar

From the President's Desk: How LGH Chooses Equipment

How Testing, Certifying Equipment is Done

Top 5 Misuses of Hand Chain Hoists

The Difference Between Conventional and Synchronous Pumps

There's Nothing New Under the Sun

12 Reasons to Rent the Hydra-Slide™

The Right Tool For The Job

How Hydra-Slide™ Came to Be

What Does Being ‘Safe’ Mean to LGH?

Differences in Lifting Beams and Why We Rent Them

Increase Safety, Productivity and Profits at the Same Time with Maxial Hoists

Frying Pan Tower Gets Beta Max “LEO” Hoist

How to Safely Operate a Beta Max Hoist - (proper operation and hoist safety)

Happy Holidays from the President

Load Weight Estimation & Area of a Circle

Why Rent Air Skates?

What Thanksgiving Means to LGH

How StructSure Scaffold Reached an 0.58 EMR Rating

Why Rent a Gantry?

Get the Lowdown on Digital Load Links

From the President’s Desk…

Improving the Sling Angle

Traditional Applications for the GRIPHOIST®

A Simple, Handy Guide for the TRACTEL® Tempo III

Meeting the Standards: Examining Air Chain Hoists

How a Scaffold Installer Found $250,000 Hidden On A Construction Site.

When to Use a Hydra-Slide

Do’s & Don’ts of Shackles

5 Top Misuses of Hydraulic Cylinders

A Few Things to Consider with Maxial Hoist…

7 Safety Tips for CMod Modular Spreader Frames

Which Sling Should You Bring?

Shock Loading - Shocking Results

Air Winches VS Electric Winches

Getting the MAX out of Your Time and Money

Get Synced Up with LGH’s Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System

Hand, Electric, and Air! Oh, My!

4 Legs vs. 3 Legs

Maintenance 101: Use Oilers and Dirt Stoppers

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